The Question is How

Death. It’s not a question of when. It’s a question of how.

My husband and I were talking about my desire to serve the dying last night and he said to me, “no one wants to talk about death right now with the devastation going on in this country”. It made me pause.

Here in America, with the sense of impending doom due to an increase in domestic terrorism, and the fear gripping the nation due to its current Commander in Chief, well, I get it. I’m right there with everyone else. It’s heartbreaking. But if not now, when? There will always be an excuse available.

It’s not the topic of death that should be avoided it’s the perception of the topic of death that we need to change. It doesn’t have to be frightening. It happens to every single body. Our only fear is in our thoughts around death. We can change our thoughts! We can help others to change their thoughts! The only dread that’s “real” exists between our ears.

How can we change this? I feel we, meaning the world, is in a period of awakening…awakening to the spirit of love, of truth, of beauty. I, personally, try to keep my face to the Light. Now more than ever. I strive to keep an open mind & a kind heart. I am more diligent in that which serves me in BEing the best version of myself, which includes spiritual, physical, and mental exercise on a daily basis. It’s not easy, nor convenient, but it’s necessary for me today to avoid the weight of devastation that entrenches upon me the illusion of separation and utter bleakness

We’re all in this together. Please comment below your thoughts. I look forward to reading them. ❤️

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