Support and Planning:

Over a predetermined and agreed upon period, client and family receive:

Consultations, visits, meetings as decided with the client and their loved ones.

Support of the family and patient to identify, document, and implement Life Fulfillment Care Wishes in spiritual, emotional, physical, life-review and practical after death care priorities.

Vigil Attendance: Includes: 24/7 bedside attendance during last days of life in full support and fulfillment of Patient’s End of Life Vigil wishes and family care needs.  Plus post death care, preparation of the body elected.


Ministerial Services:

Organizing and arranging the determined funeral service, including determining the order of the service elements. Writing and delivering a eulogy. Reciting prayers, hymns, or other readings as requested. Inviting attendees to any events after the funeral service (service as a burial or entombment at a cemetery, scattering of cremated remains, or reception).

“From joy all beings have come
and unto joy they all return”.

– Upanishads –